10 epic memes about video editing

Memes guaranteed to make every video editor laugh

10 epic memes about video editing

Need a break or simply a look from a distance at the peaks and valleys of everyday editing? Forget about the timeline for a few mins and enjoy our MotionVFX in-house video editing memes!

1. Want to make gods of cutting laugh? Name your file “Final”!

Know that flick? AKA “Final Frustration 7” or “Another Depth of Madness” — maybe not a blockbuster, but definitely a will tester. When you’re 100% sure you’ve just saved the ultimafinalest file version — that’s when the lightning strikes.

2. Please go away. Quickly.

OK, we’re not alone on this one as a profession, it applies to other creatives, translators, even mechanics… And why do you think surgeons operate behind closed doors? It may well be that the sanitary regime is just a clever excuse! Bottom line is: we don’t like our shoulders to be looked over.

3. “This one’s perfect! Very productive 4 hours!”

Sure, there are methodologies, tips and tricks, different schools and approaches — all too often though the arrival at the perfect track feels more like a close-shave emergency landing than a nice, planned touch-down. When it happens at all, that is.

4. We all come from the same place…

The beauty of the creative adventure lies also in the fact that you have no idea where you’ll end up... but it’s a pretty safe bet to guess where you’re gonna start once you decide you want in.

5. That’s more of an “Ooooooooooooops” than an “oops!”

Sometimes a slip of the finger can have disastrous consequences even if it’s not a nuclear suitcase you’re playing with… When you want to undo what’s been done in an instant, but “instantly” has just become as possible as time travel:

6. Why. WHYYYYYY???

Hopeless, helpless, hapless. Some late evenings the only choice you have is between breaking into tears or breaking your machine into pieces. Of which you choose the former, because you can’t afford a new machine. Snort, snort!

7. Ah. The good ol’ “quick change request”!

Well, seems the job is mostly about hitting the right note… Bear in mind, there are times it's important to preemptively make sure no sharp objects are left within your reach.

8. Sometimes you’ll want the blue pill. After all, ignorance can be bliss!

There are all kinds of enigmas video editors are bound to face during the ups and downs of their careers… Disturbingly, many of them revolve around the clients.

9. Fell head over reels, as we say.

Definitely, there will be moments you’ll feel your video editing reality is becoming something of a not-so-romantic, fall-down-the-stairs slapstick comedy. The joke being often on you.

Since editing is your love (life?), just like in love life there will be lessons to learn — from different video editing software. You’ll learn to love. To hate. You’ll learn patience… and pain. At the end of the day you may find yourself to be like Windows Movie Maker: trying hard to get better with never-ending updates.

10. Yes, you should have, but you didn’t!

Not much to say here: there are generally two kinds of video editors: those who always remember to make back-up copies of their projects… and those who will learn to do so at some point in the future. Usually the hard way.

Enjoyed our first batch of in-house video-editing memes? Just like the rules and procedures of air traffic, they do have different kinds of minor and major disasters in their DNA. And as these things have the tendency to keep happening, you can stay tuned for vol. 2!

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