5 reasons why mTracker 3D is the most impressive FCP plugin we ever made

mTracker 3D is a game-changer. Let it change your game!

5 reasons why mTracker 3D is the most impressive FCP plugin we ever made

First things first, though: in case you’ve heard about camera tracking countless times, but nobody could ever be bothered to offer an explanation as to what it actually means, here’s a helping hand: in short, it’s a process of tracking the precise motion of the real life camera used to shoot in order to be able to add 3D elements to it. If there’s CGI, tracking must have taken place, you can be sure of that. Need another helping hand? Read more about object tracking here!

An all-time best-seller and a small revolution in its own right, the mTracker 3D made some real waves in both semi-pro and professional editing world when it was released. Why? Well, with all due respect for FCP’s built-in tracking feature, the plugin brought on some totally unprecedented workflow quality — to the extent it practically made it a brand new functionality. The timing mattered, too — it addressed a growing need for such a solution,  letting editors worldwide join the booming trend of using 3D tracking for their effects.

The V2 upgrade released in February2022 rocked the boat even more, letting you save even more time with improved tracking speed (up to 5 times!) and a wider range of supported cases. Which basically means you can work faster and with way fewer disruptions!

We’re not gonna lie, we love our baby, and it seems we’re not alone here, given the number of copies sold. Stick with us for a few moments and find out why you’ll probably love it, too!

#1 It allows you to use 3D effects in a pro fashion, leaving no doubt your content is PRO, and not just a result of clever in-app features juggling

mTracker 3D PRECISELY recreates the 3D movement the camera followed while shooting, and that precision is something more just than proceeding with the right amount of due diligence — it is reflected in the seamlessness and natural feeling as far as the viewing experience goes once you’ve employed your imagination and applied your effects.

In other words, it will make your content look the opposite of home-made, it will make it look studio-made. When often you actually do it at home. Get it? If that’s not changing the game, we don’t know what is.

Another key point here: appearances matter, and you want to be making the right ones. What do we mean by that? Well, there’s lots of apps offering pretty awesome built-in editing features out there, and often being wise and resourceful when it comes to using them can create quite an impression… against which you’ll want to stand out, of course. mTracker 3D leaves no space for doubt there!

#2 It brings Hollywood-grade, blockbuster level effects within your reach. Period.

Bet you’ll agree that without accurate, automated 3D tracking it is incredibly difficult and tedious — if not next to impossible — to incorporate any content into your shots while keeping it natural and realistic. This is why things change radically once you’re able to do it: you basically get a speedy promotion to a higher league.

Think of the sheer amount of new creative possibilities that open up there: first of all, you can choose from a vast variety of built-in presets to compose complex scenes on top of your footage, but that’s not the best of it! Any of the presets can be edited and modified as a Motion project, which means you can customize your content with ease. And, yes, it works the other way round, too: virtually any Motion project can be used as a preset, pushing off the limitations for your creativity way beyond the horizon. Say hi to endless options for custom content creation!

As viewers tend to associate the above with fully professional productions, mTracker 3D combined with a little bit of imagination becomes your ticket to another level of viewing experience quality, making your viewers instinctively believe there’s a million-dollar budget behind what they’re seeing. Well, there’s not — and we’re not even talking thousands, either!

#3 Time- and effort-wise it gives you the benefit of one-click tracking — don’t waste your energy or anything but creating!

The precision we mentioned above is indispensable when you want top final quality — which you do, needless to say. That precision would normally require quite a lot of painstaking working hours spent to make sure each frame lives up to your expectations.

mTracker 3D takes that off your plate — you select a scene, track the footage, and enjoy some creative experimentation with placing extra content inside the scene without having to worry about positioning it from frame to frame. To spice things up, there’s lots of built-in content you can choose from: titles, dropzones, pointers etc. waiting to be made famous!

#4 It is the core of your one-machine high-end film studio AND it can be boosted with a range of boundaries-pushing effect packs

Turning your machine into a pro film studio doesn’t have to mean remortgaging your house anymore, esphttps://www.motionvfx.com/store,mtracker-3d,p3506.htmlecially when you check out our extension packs and buy in a bundle. As mTracker 3D let you jump on that tracking trend train just in time, Neon Pack followed suit, putting the hottest effects in the game right in your reach. Is that it?

No! It’s kinda as if “groundbreaking” was our favorite word (oh, wait, it is!) — the latest add-on to the mTracker 3D plugin, named Area, brings yet another new functionality to your FCP studio, letting you track and draw true–to-shape outlines of multiple scene sections. Predictably causing more than a little exhilaration in the real estate videos market… and beyond!

#5 It will let you explore totally new horizons of customized 3D animations without being that much of a 3D animation expert at all!

Being the pro you are or becoming the pro you want to be often involves taking shortcuts, but only the clever ones. Here’s one, adding to the most-impressive-ever-plugin claim we made in the first place: this plugin gives you access to so much potential without actually forcing you to become a know-it-all 3D animations guru. That’s why we made it!

Whether you agree or would rather argue with the bold claim we made in the beginning, give mTracker 3D some attention — spare a moment to watch the trailer, and odds are high you’ll move to the tutorials then. It’ll pay off, you’ll see!

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